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Mrs T's reviews; liquid eyeliner

Anyone you knows me knows how addicted to eyeliner I am; I love the stuff and cannot exist without my trusty wing as my homage to eyeliner, to wing or not to wing, clearly demonstrated. I'm always trying out different types of eyeliner in search of that perfect product that makes my wing as sharp as a razor. I have always been a liquid eyeliner kind of girl;  pencils make me look like a strange panda and gel liners just refuse to co-operate with me and go on smoothly; if you have any tips on gel liner, just give me a shout  in the comments, I do not like being beaten by things so I might be tempted to head back into the ring for round two.
I am going to talk  about three different eyeliners that I have been using recently and give you my humble opinions on them. All these eyeliners are in the common, bog standard colour of black, as that is the colour I prefer my wing to be on most days. The first is the Nyx Collection Noir Liquid eyeliner; as you know I love Nyx as a brand gener…

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