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Does Makeup Snobbery Exist?

Does makeup snobbery really exist?

Does snobbery really exist in the makeup and beauty industry? I would say a definite yes to that question. As a species, us humans have the innate desire to be better than their fellow man, it is sad but true; Darwin’s concept of ‘survival of the fittest’ really does ring true in the makeup world. However, instead of survival being dependant on whether you eat or not, it is dependant on how many high end items you can flash around and ‘wow’ people with.

Prosperity means change

Because we are living in a society that does not necessarily have to struggle in order to eat, live and pay the bills the desire to ‘have more than others’ has stretched to items that are not mandatory to our survival; cars, jewels.... makeup.  Although there are many people in our ‘first world’ that are struggling to make ends meat and wondering whether they will be able to stretch till payday or living on beans on toast just to survive; quite a few people are showing off their…

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